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dbMaestro bring SCM benefits into the database development world by creating dbMaestro TeamWork - an award-winning Oracle Database Change Management and Version Control solution. While providing unique support for team database development across the entire application life-cycle, dbMaestro TeamWork empowers development team collaboration, saves time, improves quality consistency of your deployments and most important - makes sure your development assets are safe. dbMaestro TeamWork integrate with leading SCM solutions thus allowing you to link database development changes to software development. With integrating to CM providers you can link the Business Change Requests to the proper database changes, increasing managers visibility. TeamWork's comprehensive Database Change Management solution provides: Collaborative and synchronized Team Development Policy Enforced Change Control Tracking of database schema and lookup table changes Auto rollback versions Deploy schema and data change-sets Auto documentation of changes (audit trail for regulation compliance - SOX404) Seamless integration with software configuration management tools Organize and improve the database development process Check-in / check-out database schema and content Synchronize team development work - no more code overrides Policy Enforced Change Control Users must check-out an object before it can be modified Eliminate out-of-process updates on database resources Achieve perfect team synchronization Analyze changes performed on the database Receive email notifications on database changes Deployment Automation Consistent deployment and release process with automatic code generation Controls and manages quality over deliverables from the database side of the application Version control and rollback - Facilitate crisis management Analyze and compare versions of a database object Save version labels and change sets Roll back changes History repository

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